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Hove Junior School

Portland Road & Holland Road

"We continue to be a good school" - Ofsted, 2016

Our Priorities

Following our last Ofsted Inspection in July 2016 we have been committed to sustaining and building on the good judgement we achieved

Our School Improvement Plan identifies targets/priorities, success criteria and actions aimed at supporting the school to move towards becoming judged as outstanding.

At Hove Junior School we are working hard to ensure that......


.... and therefore the school is judged as being at least good overall.


Our Vision and Aims


Children are at the heart and happiness of the school.  They are passionate, patient and inquisitive, making independent choices to create a love of learning.  Together we are global ambassadors with awareness of diversity, who respect ourselves, each other and our environment.

Everyone works together building a secure, safe and inclusive environment to achieve the best possible outcomes for all children. Pupil voice is valued and inspires creativity and learning.

Trust, respect and communication enable everyone to lead improvement and embrace change.  Working collaboratively we ensure teaching and behaviour standards are high and our children leave us confident and self motivated. 



-   Standards are high resulting in most children making rapid and sustained         progress in most subjects over time, given their starting points.

-   Teaching is consistently good and much is outstanding.

-   Our curriculum provides highly positive, memorable experiences and rich opportunities which results in good learning for all.  It is fun, exciting, broad and balanced.

-   High quality provision for ICT results in learning being further extended and enriched across the curriculum.

-   The learning environment is exciting and positive and one in which everyone can learn effectively together.

-   Everyone values and respects each other resulting in the school being a happy, safe and inclusive place where success is celebrated and shared.

-   Our culture promotes physical and emotional well-being and working well with others.

-   Leadership at all levels is effective and all leaders/managers are highly ambitious for the school.

-   Communication is good and the opinions of everyone in the school community are able to be voiced.  There is a culture of openness, trust, honesty and collaboration.  Parents and carers are true partners in the education of their children.