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Hove Junior School

Portland Road & Holland Road

"We continue to be a good school" - Ofsted, 2016

Performance Data

End of Key Stage 2 Results 2018

Number of pupils in cohort: 197 - 1 pupil = 0.5%

Number of disadvantaged pupils in cohort: 37 (18.5% of cohort)

No. of girls: 92                              No. of boys: 105

Percentage of Pupils ‘Working at the Expected Level’ (EXS): 

   Reading: 87% with 48% at greater depth - average scaled score in reading is:                                     109. (PP: Average scaled score 106).

   Writing: 83%, with 17% at greater depth.

    Maths:  84%, with 29% at greater depth - average scaled score in maths is 106.                             (PP: 102.8).

    GPS:  85%, with 45% at higher standard – average scaled score in GPS is 108,                            (PP: average scaled score 104.5). 

Reading, Writing, Maths Combined: 75% (National is 64%).


Headlines for KS2 Results 2018:

Significantly above national and local average in attainment in Reading, Writing, Maths and GPS.

  • Reading: Significantly above national and local average in reading for KS2 progress with 12% above national average. Pupils at greater depth are significantly above national average.
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS): Significantly above national average by 7%. Attainment continues to be on an upward trend with 45% achieving higher standard.
  • Writing: Attainment is above national average in writing by 5%.
  • Maths: Attainment is significantly higher than national average by 8%.

For further information, please see summary report below.

For our latest performance table, go to the Department for Education.