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Hove Junior School

Portland Road & Holland Road

"There is strong evidence of good systemic leadership and an aspirational culture, supporting strong outcomes for pupils and in raising standards for disadvantaged and SEND pupils" - Ofsted, February 2020

Performance Data

End of Key Stage 2 Results 2023


  • Attainment for reading is 87% with 46% greater depth. Significantly above national data.
  • Progress remains good at 3.1 and has increased from 2022.
  • Attainment for disadvantaged pupils was 76%. Significantly above national data. 
  • Disadvantaged pupils made good and above national average progress with a 2.4 score.


  • Overall attainment for maths is 82 with 33% greater depth. .
  • Progress is at +1.8 which is an increase since 2019 and increase in pupils achieving the greater depth standard. 
  • Overall attainment for disadvantaged pupils was 57% with +1.2 progress.


  • Overall attainment for writing is at 83%.
  • Overall attainment in greater depth writing is 16%.
  • Overall average progress is +1.5.
  • This is an increase from 2019. 
  • Attainment for disadvantaged pupils was 54% with progress at 0.3.


  • GPS attainment is at 85% which is significantly above the national average with 43% of pupils achieving greater depth. 
  • Disadvantaged pupils achieve 70% which is significantly above the national average.


  • 91% of pupils met the expected standard in science, an increase from 2019

For our latest performance table, go to the Department for Education.