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Hove Junior School

Portland Road & Holland Road

"There is strong evidence of good systemic leadership and an aspirational culture, supporting strong outcomes for pupils and in raising standards for disadvantaged and SEND pupils" - Ofsted, February 2020


At Hove Junior School our primary aim is the safety and well-being of our staff and pupils. We recognise that a school closure will impact differently on all of us and we acknowledge that children and families will face a variety of situations and challenges. With this in mind we take all steps possible to keep school open, but have robust contingency plans should school ever need to close.

We would ask all parents and carers to take the time to familiarise themselves with the information below so that our whole community can support our pupils and ensure minimal disruption to their learning if we should be forced to close for any reason.

Continued Access to Google Classroom for Years 4-6:

All pupils have been reintroduced to the platform during their computing sessions in school. If a pupil requires a reminder of their username or password, they can ask their class teacher.

Year 3 Only Online Learning:

In Years 3 we will be continuing with ‘Seesaw’ which is the online learning platform West Hove Infants used during the children’s time away from school. This is to support their continued online learning and transition to junior school. The pupils will be reintroduced to the platform during their computing sessions in school. Pupils will be able to use the platform to complete their fortnightly homework activities and share any ‘take home tasks’ with the class teacher. Pupils can login from home using the web address and entering the unique code provided by their class teacher.

Teaching & Learning:  

Our aim is to keep our core purpose of teaching and learning continuing as effectively as possible. During a school closure each pupil will be provided with learning to do at home and there are high expectations of all pupils to complete the work set. Activities and tasks will be shared on the website in the children’s year group hut. This will be updated daily.  However, HJS do recognise that health and wellbeing are paramount and we appreciate that the level of work that might be undertaken by a child will reflect the situation and circumstances at home.

Revised Expectations for Online Learning during Partial/Full Lockdown (Google Classroom and Seesaw)

  • - Teachers will record one introductory video a week to the class with a specific learning focus and pastoral support at the start of the week.
  • - The chat facility will be monitored regularly when opened. Class teachers will inform the class daily of opening hours. 
  • - The year group weekly online timetable will mirror class provision and the organisation of slides provide a suggested schedule for each day. Year groups will consider if the sequence of lessons is suitable for home learning and review the order of the lesson/unit as appropriate.
  • - Each day the lessons for each subject will be ‘published’ on one set of slides. - - All slide resources mirror the modelling and instruction delivery that would happen in class for mainstream lessons.
  • - The tasks will be added to each teacher’s class page by the year group leader.
  • - Oak academy resources/White Rose Home learning Videos/BBC Bitesize etc. are used to introduce concepts and scaffold learning each day. These will be teaching tools at the start of the lesson. 
  • - Maths slides will be structured to follow the class provision and pitched at the current Programme of Study, where possible using MNP (or learning linked to the section children would be doing in school). 
  • - Additional maths slides will also consist of a maths task but pitched at a lower Programme of Study.
  • - English slides will be structured to follow the class provision and pitched at the current Programme of Study. Additional slides will consist of either a spelling, punctuation and grammar task and a reading or writing task.
  • - Reading comprehensions will be carefully chosen, age appropriate and accompanied by questions that link to our school reading comprehension skills.
  • - Each day children will also be given an opportunity for learning within a foundation subject with science, art, PSHE, history or geography topic based activities each week.
  • - French, RE and computing learning opportunities/activities should be added once a fortnight.
  • - Year groups will provide ideas for PE activities at least three times a week that are not limited to links for YouTube videos.
  • - The class teacher will endeavour to respond daily to the things that are posted on Seesaw/Google Classroom.
  • - Answer slides will be uploaded to each class page either later on the day the learning slides are added or on the morning of the following day so that children can mark their own work.
  • - Class teacher will notify the google classroom when they are available for the pupils for feedback. 
  • - Individual feedback will be given a minimum of twice per week using the private comments section. General feedback can be given in the communal stream or classwork stream.
  • - All of our children also have access to Times Table Rock Stars’. Please let us know if you have lost your password and need us to reset it.  All pupils will also be encouraged to spend 30 minutes a day reading.
  • - Teachers and SLT will continue to review which children are not accessing GC/SS and ‘digital registers’ will be updated regularly.

 In addition: 

Special Needs: For children with special educational needs (SEN) we realise this will have an impact on how Education Health and Care Plans are delivered. Extra attention will be given to meeting the individual needs of children and young people with SEN and their families in the event of school closure or partial school closure.

Thank you for helping us look after everyone in the school community and for understanding the unique challenges we are facing.