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Hove Junior School

Portland Road & Holland Road

"There is strong evidence of good systemic leadership and an aspirational culture, supporting strong outcomes for pupils and in raising standards for disadvantaged and SEND pupils" - Ofsted, February 2020

Staff - Portland Road

Senior teaching staff

Maddie Southern


Niamh O'Shea


Keith Kelsey

Deputy Head of School, Curriculum Lead/Arts Mark


Assistant Head/Behaviour Strategic Lead/Maths Team

Inclusion Team

Mandy Stewart

Kim Gregory

Elaine McMahon




Inclusion Manager


Senior Learning Mentor


Year 3 Classes:









Year 4 Classes:









Year 5 Classes:







Year 6 Classes:











Ruth Foster (Year Leader)

3 Green Class Teacher 

Lizzie Deacon/Natalia Anglada (job-share)

3 Red Class Teachers  & Humanities Team

Charlotte Hornsby

3 Yellow Class Teacher & Science Subject Lead & Eco Club

Sally Bunker

3 Blue Class Teacher & Music Lead


Russell Wood (Year Leader -  4 days)

4 Green Class Teacher & ICT Lead

Pamela McCulloch (1 day)

4 Green Class Teacher

Jonny Brewer

4 Blue Class Teacher & ICT Lead

April Leahy/Rachael Dawson (job-share)

4 Yellow Class Teachers

Yvette Heath/Laura Hamerton (job-share) 

4 Red Class Teachers & RE Team


Olivia Nicholls (Year Leader)

5 Yellow Class Teacher 

Alice Green

5 Blue Class Teacher

Charlotte Hudson 

5 Red Class Teacher & Maths Subject Lead

Alice Bines 

5 Green Class Teacher & PE Subject Lead


Keith Kelsey (Year Leader)

6 Green Class Teacher & Maths Team

Louise Driver/Laura Giles (job-share)

6 Yellow Class Teachers & PSHE Subject Leads

Steph Tagg

6 Red Class Teacher & English Subject Lead

Tash Tamlyn

6 Blue Class Teacher & English Team/Arts Mark


Sarah Leedham  Maths Intervention Teacher

Michelle Joseph  Maths Intervention Teaching Assistant

Nicola Paton  Year 6 Intervention Teacher

Kim Gregory  English Intervention Teacher

Lisa Donovan  MFL Teacher/PPA Cover

Jess Lloyd  PPA Cover

Danielle Moore  PPA Cover

Pamela McCulloch  PPA Cover

Hayley Sawyer PPA Cover

James Cosham  Sports Coach

Jen Beale  Wellbeing Practictioner


Support Staff:




Julie Ashall   Teaching Assistant/Play Leader - Year 4

Lucille Blanchard   Individual Needs Assistant

Patrick Core  Individual Needs Assistant

Jacqui Camping  Individual Needs Assistant

Naomi Clarkson   Teaching Assistant - Year 4

Anisa Cotterill  Teaching Assistant - Year 6

Rachel Davey   Individual Needs Assistant

Jemima Ede  Individual Needs Assistant

Katie Guevara  Teaching Assistant - Year 3

Sandra Gallon  Teaching Assistant & Interventions - Reading

Patricia Gilling  Teaching Assistant - Year 4

Marcus Holland  Individual Needs Assistant

Hayley Jackson  Individual Needs Assistant

Katie Jones  Individual Needs Assistant

Nicci Lambert  Teaching Assistant - Year 3

Wendy Garrett  Individual Needs Assistant & LSS

Michael Lemee   Individual Needs Assistant

Bernice Lowe  Teaching Assistant & Interventions - Reading

Leigh Montano  Teaching Assistant - Year 6

Paula Porter  Teaching Assistant - Year 5

Bridget Rennie  Individual Needs Assistant

Kelly Taft  Individual Needs Assistant

Loretta Watts  Individual Needs Assistant

Jake Welham  Individual Needs Assistant

Rob Whittington  Individual Needs Assistant



Martina D'Antino

Shajna Begum

Nicole Forrest

Linda Humphrey

Sue Winter

Debbie Zeka

Breakfast Club:

Kelly Taft

Breakfast Club Leader

Linda Humphrey

Breakfast Club Assistant

Other Support Staff

Sarah Shaw

School Business Manager

Kate Newman

Office Manager 

Jo Grim PA to Headteacher

Bronya Mahapatra

Finance Officer

Lesley Zeegen Attendance Officer
Lou Molloy SEN Admin Assistant 

Lou Breakwell

Front Office/Admin Assistant

John Nicholson

ICT Technician

Lee Trott