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Hove Junior School

Portland Road & Holland Road

"We continue to be a good school" - Ofsted, February 2020

Leadership & Management Committee 

  • Leadership & Management Committee Chair - Lisa Marshall
  • Leadership & Management Vice Chair - Jo Corbett
  • 2020/21 Meeting Dates - 22nd Sept 2020, 12th Jan 2021, 27th Apr 2021.


Terms of Reference:

  1. Support the Headteacher and SLT to write and verify appropriate sections of
  2. the school’s own self-evaluation documentation.
  3.  Attend relevant meetings with Local Authority personnel as appropriate
  4. Consider and propose for approval the school budget with the Governing Body
  5. Monitor the school budget against planned income and expenditure and apply best value principles
  6. Provide guidance and assistance to the Headteacher and the Governing Body in all matters relating to budget and Finance and other resources
  7. Ensure that the allocation of resources are linked directly to the priorities identified in the School Improvement Plan in particular those relating to raising standards
  8. Ensure staff receive appropriate training and support aimed at improving practice and ensuring the schools improvement targets are met
  9.  Ensure that the Governing Body are discharging all statutory responsibilities 
  10. Agree the scheme of delegation to the Headteacher for the day to day financial management of the school annually
  11. Monitor the income and expenditure of all public funds and report the financial situation to the Governing Body termly
  12. Ensure there is a planned prioritised maintenance programme aimed at keeping the building and general environment in good condition
  13. Review the staffing structure annually
  14.  Support the school in developing good and effective links with the community
  15. Ensure that the school has a clearly defined system of succession planning in place
  16. Have an overview of the effectiveness of any extended school provision
  17.  Ensure that a staff care policy is in place
  18. Ensure everything is in place to promote high quality e-competent learning
  19. Ensure that the relevant priorities in the vision statement are implemented and closely monitored (6, 7, 8, 9)
  20. Ensure all relevant statutory policies are in place. Statutory Policies to be identified on Leadership and Management Committee Terms of Reference.
  21. Ensure that views of stakeholders are regularly sought and that appropriate action is taken to address identified issues.